The best selection of  Spanish tapas

The founding philosophy: serving exquisite dishes using the freshest produce, presented with style. aR bar & gallery is an authentic culinary journey through Spain, inspired by a desire to showcase the true depth of the country’s cuisine. Tapas from an array of provincial regions are expressed with the true essence of textures, tastes and sense of perpetual evolution.

Spanish wines specially imported for you

And why not to enjoy a bottle of some of the best Spanish wines, specially imported to give you the exclusivity that you deserve. Our gallery provides a unique touch that serves classic Spanish food such as a large selection of tapas the finest quality jamón ibérico, manchego cheeses, wines from different regions of Spain and cocktails.

It’s the perfect venue to indulge in tapas, taste wines and to simply enjoy the art of our gallery.


Aceitunas y encurtidos – £3
Spanish olives and gherkins

Espárragos blancos XL con mahonesa – £5
White asparagus with mayonnaise

Humus con pan de pita – £4,50
Hummus with pita bread

Pan con tomate – £2
Bread with tomato and olive oil

Anchoas del cantábrico con pan con tomate – £5
Anchovies from the cantabrian sea with bread w/tomato

Boquerones en vinagre – £4
Marinated white anchovy fillets in vinegar

Ensalda de melva con tomate – £6
Frigate tuna and tomato salad

Ensaladilla rusa – £6
Olivier salad

Mejillones en escabeche – £4
Mussels in pickled sauce

Pate de cerdo con pan – £6
Pork paté with bread


Chorizo ibérico – £6

Chorizo ibérico Joselito – £10

Hand carved spanish iberico ham – £18.50

Lomo Ibérico – £6

Morcilla Ibérica – £5

Salchichón ibérico – £6

Salchichón ibérico Joselito – £10

Tabla ibérica – £16
Cured meats board

Tabla ibérica premium – £21
Premium cured meats board

Queso Manchego en aceite de oliva – £6
Manchego cheese in olive oil

Queso manchego Flor de Esgueva – £7

Queso manchego Manchenieto – £8


Croquetas de espinacas – £6
Spinach croquettes

Croquetas de setas – £7
Mushroom croquettes

Espinacas con garbanzos – £5
Spinach and chickpeas

Patatas Bravas – £6
Spicy fried potatoes

Pimientos de Padrón – £6
Green peppers from Padrón

Tortilla de patatas – £6
Traditional potato omellette

Calamares a la romana – £7
Squid rings à la romana

Croquetas de bacalao – £7
Codfish croquetes

Gambas al pil pil – £8
Spicy prawns in olive oil

Gulas al ajillo – £6
Eels in garlic oil with chillies

Pescaito frito – £6
Fried whitebait

Pulpo a la gallega – £8.25
Traditional Gallician style octopus

Albóndigas con tomate frito – £7
Meatballs with tomato sauce

Callos a la madrileña – £7
Tripe Madrid style with chick peas

Chistorra – £7
Fried basque chorizo

Croquetas de jamón – £7
Spanish ham croquettes

Fabada asturiana – £7
Asturian bean stew with pork meat

Huevos rotos con jamón – £7
Fried egg with Iberico ham and potatoes

Lagrimitas de pollo – £7
Andalusian style chicken sticks



Ensalada de pasta – £4.50
Pasta, carrot, onion, egg, sweet corn, ham and mayonnaise

Ensalada verde – £3.50

Lettuce, cress, cucumber, carrot, onion, olives and extra virgin olive oil

Pipirrana – £3.80

Tomato, onion, peppers, shrimps, mussels, seafood sticks, extra virgin olive oil and vinegar


Bocata Catalana – £6.50
Ciabatta bread, Iberico ham, tomato and extra virgin olive oil

Bocata Madrileño – £5.50
Ciabatta bread and squid rings with aioli sauce

Bocadillo verde – £4.50
Ciabatta bread, Lettuce, spinach, cress, tomato and egg


Brazo de gitano – £4.50
Traditional Spanish roly-poly

Café Gourmand – £9
A selection of homemade desserts, including a scoop of ice cream, a homemade dessert and a lemon sorbet with prosecco and vodka. Ideal to share for two.

Chocolate fondant with vanilla ice cream – £5.50

Churros with chocolate sauce – £4.50

Scoop of ice cream – £2.50
Strawberry, vanilla or lemon